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Computer Vision Applications

Humans process a lot of visual information, all day long. The computing power and intelligent algorithms of today that can support, enhance and automate many visual tasks! Our Computer Vision solutions can integrate these capabilities into your business, tailored to your specific use cases and processes.

  • Medical Image Processing
  • Real-Time Object Detection
  • Signature Recognition
  • Invoice Image Processing
  • Face Recognition

Machine Learning & NLP

We provide Machine Learning solutions that help businesses tap into the vast and unexplored reserves of unprocessed data and make informed decisions from them. Whether it’s data mining, in-depth learning or analysis, or raw data processing, machine learning with big data, deep learning NLP or machine learning with data visualization, we can help you build a formidable data supremacy fortress. As a machine learning solutions provider, we enable rapid decision-making for your organization through our services.

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Document Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis and Chatbots

Edge AI and Intelligence

Together with our strong network of leading partners in the industry, we are committed to delivering artificial intelligence (AI) at the Edge. Featuring heterogeneous computing architecture, the Edge AI platforms integrate hardware acceleration in deep learning (DL) workloads, high performance per watt and end-to-end connectivity to break down information silos. We provide AI solutions at the edge by using XILINX environments.


Mobile App Development

We can create apps for both Android and iOS simultaneously. With a single code base by using Java, Swift, React, React Native. We create identical interfaces across both mobile platforms. The apps are also highly customizable, and each product can have it’s own unique look and feel.

Website Design, and Development

We focus on providing complete website services for small & medium businesses that stack up against 50-150K websites for fraction of that cost, and we do it in all-inclusive packages to make things, hassle-fre.

E-Commerce Development

Development professionals at our company can create a unique eCommerce platform that meets your specific needs and requirements.


Assesment of GRC Structure, Program, and Processes

We evaluate your GRC structure based on process, people, technology aspects and provide roadmap for desired maturity.

Development & Improvement of GRC Program, and Processes

We develop or improve existing program or processes such as enterprise / operational risk management, IT risk management, third party risk management, compliance, incident management, vulnerability management, privacy, business resiliences, internal audit based on experience and best practices such as CMMI, COBIT, ISO20000, ISO22301, ISO27001, ISO27002, ISO27005, ISO31000, ITGC, ITIL, NIST Cybersecurity & Privacy Frameworks, PMI, SOX, TOGAF® and various regulations.

Development and Enhancement of IT Risk, Control, and Metric Librarires

We develop or enhance such libraries for IT & cyber security risks, third party risks, IT internal controls, and metrics.

GRC/IRM Technology Selection and Implementation

  • Identification of technology requirements
  • Vendor selection
  • Technical implementation (such as Archer IRM)
  • Health-checks to identify improvements for existing technologies (ServiceNow, Archer etc.)

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